Informal & Quick Cheese Board

You won’t go wrong with this list of easy-to-find cheese board selections which you can put together in minutes to create a quick and easy, informal cheese board. Check out our Top Tips for sensational Cheese Boards and wow your friends and family!

Port Salut Wedge on cheese board

We suggest:

Creamy Lancashire

Traditional Lancashire combines the curd of 3 separate days producing a texture like creamy scrambled egg and a savoury flavour with the bite of raw onions.

Cornish Creamy Brie

Mildest of the mild, the smooth, dense interior has the richness of Cornish cream with the merest whiff of mushrooms and lush green grass.

Port Salut Wedge

Beneath the distinctive orange rind lies the sunshine yellow, creamy cheese that we all know and love, based on a recipe developed by Cistercian monks at Notre Dame du Port-du-Salut Abbey.


A mild Italian blue that is creamy with broad streaks of crunch blue-green streaks and just a subtle blue tang – ideal for people who think they don’t like blue cheese.

White Stilton with Apricots

The very mild citrus taste of this crumbly cheese provides the perfect partner for the very sweet and slightly chewy finely chopped dried apricots. OR:

Boursin® with Garlic & Herbs

Smooth and soft cheese with added garlicky punch!

Suggested accompaniments

Apples, gherkins, plum or apple chutney (not too spicy), oat cakes, bread sticks, baguettes or focaccia.