A French Cheese Board

The French are passionate about their cheese and rarely offer their cheeses with biscuits, butter or chutney as we do in Britain but instead prefer dried fruits, nuts and crusty bread; De Gaulle famously once said ‘how can anyone govern a country that has 246 different kinds of cheese?’

We’ve tried to make a selection of delicious cheeses which are truly French, and available in the UK. You may need to go to a specialist cheese shop for some of them, or ask at your local deli-counter for their recommendation for the closest alternative. You can also check out our Top Tips for creating sensational Cheese Boards and wow your friends and family!

A French Cheese Board

We suggest:

Carré de l’Est

Its sticky, orange rind keeps the piquant opulent taste and runny interior in, while letting the strong aroma out – this cheese is not for the faint-hearted! As the name suggests, it’s square-shaped. You may need to source this from your cheese specialist.

Camembert de Normandie

Best when served at room temperature when, like fine wine, it has had time to breathe and will taste rich like cream of mushroom soup.

Port Salut wedge

This wedge is mild, rich and creamy with a mellow taste and smooth texture. Its orange rind makes it an attractive addition to your cheeseboard and its mild taste is very popular.

Ossau Iraty

Made with ewes’ milk this ancient Pyrenean cheese has a creamy smoothness and extraordinary depth of flavour from sweet burnt caramel to a nutty finish.


Made in the Jura Mountains for centuries it is close textured with an intensely fruity taste hinting at apricots and pears while the finish is nutty.

Roquefort Carles®

King of the blues its intense flavour has a distinct spicy tang and salty finish yet the characteristic sheepy taste is still there giving it an underlying sweetness.

Boursin with Black Pepper

A smooth soft white cheese with some piquant pepper, this is a white, rindless cheese with more-ish taste and widespread appeal.

Suggested Accompaniments:

Walnuts, hazelnuts, dried figs, crusty bread and apples